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Builtz Residencia Homes is a fantastic project in Murree. Its distinct and contemporary design is appealing. Through our fantastic effort, we have encourage healthy and organic living. Providing constructed homes and duplexes in a breathtaking mountain setting.

This project has been strategically placed to provide you with one of the greatest views of Murree. If you are seeking a place to invest in Murree, this is one of the greatest options.

So, if you’re looking to invest in housing societies in Murree, Builtz Residencia Homes is the way to go.


Builtz Residencia Homes is a Builtz Empire project that is being developed by InSpace Developers. This amazing project has been diligently constructed by them. They simply want to provide you with the finest things only. Their staff works tirelessly day and night to ensure that everything is as near to flawless as possible in order to satisfy their investors. 

Their vision and focus has been to deliver high value projects for their clients with the emphasis on communication, attention to detail and cost management in residential & commercial sector. They understand the importance of innovation and professionalism and work with the best people to achieve this they believe that design is the heart of every project. Whether it’s a house or hospital, a college or classroom or an office.


The approval of the appropriate authority is critical to the success and reliability of any housing project. As a result, Builtz Residencia Homes is pleased to report that T.M.A (Tehsil Municipal Administration) has authorized us. This big milestone has helped us to attract a large number of investors. So, if you want to invest here, you must act quickly!

A reputable housing society stands out from the rest because of its amenities. It is no longer a luxury to have luxuries that aid in living a pleasant life, but rather a need. Every individual has the right to experience all of life’s joys in the privacy of their own home. Builtz Residencia Homes offers a variety of exquisite facilities.

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Builtz Residencia Homes


Builtz Residencia Homes

Builtz Residencia Homes

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